Monday, November 8, 2010

my house

We got chickens in 2007 .In 2008 our rooster named  rooty  and a dog ate him and ate all our chickens
because he was a hungry dog I think hes fat now.also we have a huge tree in our backyard. The tree grew before my mom was born. Also it is a very good tree to climb.In our house I took a   

picture with my camera and my mom said that looks like a piece of art.


good tree

                                                                    piece of art


  1. I have seen pictures of the colored eggs that come from the chickens. Maybe you could help me out some and take a picture of certain chickens and tell me what color eggs they lay. I did not know that different chickens lay different colored eggs. Also, I love the picture listed as 'art' truly does look like a work of art. I think you have a very good eye for picture taking. Love the tree also, it is really big.

  2. Corbin, My dad is interested in your chickens. He wants to know what kind they are and the difference between the red ones and the white ones. Thanks!!